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Delicate, pearling Polish carbonated wine. White, sweet. It is characterized by fresh, distinctive taste and refreshing aroma with a hint of fruit.

Raffaello Sweet

Logistic data

Poland Export

volume in l. 0,75 0,75

alcohol content in % 9 9

number of bottles/3-packs in a carton 6 6

number of bottles on a display - pallet -

number of cartons on a pallet 68

number of cartons on a layer 17

layers on a pallet 4

number of bottles on a pallet 408

EAN code bottle/packaging 5901064773600

EAN code carton/display - pallet 5901064573606

article number 56 360

TARIC code -

Raffaello Sweet

carbonated wine
0,75l 9%
White, sweet.