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Awards and distinctions

Awards and distinctions given by independent institutions and trade magazines are the best testimonial of our products. We are pleased to inform you that Henkell Freixenet Polska Sp. z o.o. has been rcently awarded for its extraordinary quality.

In 2015, LUBUSKI VODKA won the GOLD MEDAL in the 8th edition of Pure Vodka Tasting, organized by the magazine "Rynki Alkoholowe" ("Alcohol Markets"). Moreover, our flagship product - GRANDMA'S LIQUEUR won the title "Trunek 20-lecia" ("The Beverage of the Last Twenty Years") thanks to the votes of "Rynki Alkoholowe" readers.

Our LUBUSKI GIN got the first place in the "Złoty Paragon 2015 Nagroda Kupców Polskich" ("Gold Receipt 2015 the Prize of Polish Traders") competition. It won the title of "the Sales Leader in the category of spirit beverages". What is more, it won the prestigious title SUPERIOR TASTE AWARDS 2015 of the International Taste and Quality Institute in Brussels. We are very pleased with this fact, especially because the products are awarded during blind tasting which focuses on intensity of taste pleasure.

During the international fair Prodexpo 2015 in Moscow, our products TOTINO LIME and CANARI Coconut-Milk and Coffee won Gold Medals, and our export products Sunny Garden won Bronze Medals.

Moreover, we were pleased to hear that LUBUSKI GIN received from the by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development the MEET GOOD FOOD sign.

The received awards and distinctions make us feel proud and prove that our care about our products is appreciated by the market and leads to consumer satisfaction, which is our primary goal.