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Quality Policy

Henkell Freixenet Polska Sp. z o.o. in Toruń is a producer and distributor of wines, spirits and other alcoholic beverages on Polish and international markets. We are also a competent seller of alcohols made by other prominent producers from all over Europe.

Our primary goal is to meet our Clients' demands and expectations and to win over prospective consumers who have not tried our products.

We aspire to be a responsible and reliable supplier of quality products that are safe for Consumers across Poland and abroad.

In order to highlight our company's attachment to the quality and safety of our products and our responsibility towards the Clients, we have implemented and are consistently improving food quality and safety management systems in accordance with HACCP (Codex Alimentarius) and IFS (Ver. 4), which guarantee that:

  • the production is staged based on well-thought-out, verified and safe production methods developed with the use of best knowledge in the scope of alcohol production technology, including relevant legal regulations,
  • each production batch is subject to quality control at all production stages, from the delivery of raw ingredients to the end product, as well as during monitoring periods set for marketed products,
  • quality of raw ingredients, semi-products and ready products is systematically verified by making analyses at the On-premises Laboratory and at external, accredited research units, as well as during regular supplier audits,
  • a sanitary and hygienic procedure is in force, which includes instructions that are on daily basis applied at the company, prior to, in the course and upon the completion of the production, in order to prevent direct pollution of the product, and to help maintain high standard of hygiene at the premises,
  • the production process aims at obtaining high quality products that are safe to consumers' health,
  • all company employees are consistently informed about product safety issues,
  • both managerial and production staff are consistently improving their qualifications,
  • all comments and complaints from the clients are being carefully examined and the results of analyses are used to improve the product quality and safety management system,
  • we stage systematic market and consumer research (including customer satisfaction with our products).

Thanks to planned, controlled, rational raw and auxiliary ingredient management, introduction of packaging recycling systems, and well-thought-out and environmentally friendly production processes and investment activity, our company is a responsible entity that cares for safety and protection of environment it operates in.

We follow the rule of introducing to the market products that are safe, manufactured with the required hygienic standards, of high quality, stable and giving the customers satisfaction with their purchase.

We ensure that awareness and activity of the management and employees of Henkell Freixenet Polska Sp. z o.o. are directed at the implementation of this policy and that resources indispensable for its implementation are provided.

Anna Kalinowska - Member of the Board / Production and Investment Director,
Tomasz Różański - Member of the Board / Finance and Controlling Director,
Joanna Semczuk - Member of the Board / Sales and Logistics Director,
Tomasz Leszko - Member of the Board / Marketing Director.